Ghosts and stories

Many stories have been told about ghosts in the pub but we would like to share our experiences in the last couple of years.

We have a lady from the Victorian era who wanders freely and whom was bought to life when a lady from the village entered the pub for a fancy dress party, dressed as the ghostly figure she had seen and to the amazement of many they realized they had all shared the same sight.

Our log man refuses to put the logs in log shed as he was once sent running by a knocking on the window when no-one was home.

A local man a few years ago when locking up one night was unable to close the door.  The 18 stone farmer pulled with all his might but someone was pulling from the other side stopping him from closing it.  He described it as pulling a giant spring.  ‘Twas only when his mother came out the house a few doors away to see what the noise was about was he finally able to close the door.

Many more stories have been told but we would like to share our experiences in the last couple of years.  One evening when only a few were left in the pub I was chatting away stating the intentions of changing the bar area when from 10ft away a wine glass left the shelf and smashed a few inches from my feet.  For a few minutes no-one uttered a word but we all knew she was not happy with my ideas!

We have experienced doors that mysteriously close in front of us – wind maybe?  But when the same ones open for you when walking with your hands full…..We say thank you and walk on.

One local who will not use the toilet on his own is another farmer and has been scared by a fierce rattling of the door.

Loaves of bread have been thrown from the shelf and sulphur is a common thing people smell on top of the stairs.

Now many years ago a young man was killed tragically when unloading cider barrels from the cart, so the odd barrel that I find in the middle of the cellar I blame him for.  In any case they all seem friendly enough and we feel we are welcome, only a few are not.  Will you be?

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